Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

A massive happy new year to everyone that follows comments or just ambles by.

Life and work is all a bit hectic at the moment and i do not seem to have the time to write or comment as much as i would like but i do read all of your blogs as they come in.

Also a big thank you to the bloggers that have help me, commented and made my first 8 months both enjoyable and exciting you have opened up a whole new world for me and ongoing friendships in the coming years.

Hope the New Year brings everything you wish for.

Have a great time whatever you are up to.

Bottoms up.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

The College Years

College was all good, got to meet new friends and always enjoyed learning. Plenty of girls to perv at but no real luck on the girl friend side. Still could not get past my kinky feelings and how strange i felt when looking around at what i considered normal people. How could anyone else have the same cravings? More importantly how could the lovely looking females i was coming into contact every day want pain inflicted on them. I was managing to source more magazines on the subject; not only Janus but Roue and swish, which to be fare did seem a bit tame. All ways returned to Janus as my favourite publication to feed my ever voracious appetite for all things spanking. The lovely models, the graphic stories and of course the readers’ letters. It was about now that i started to doubt what i was reading. The stories are a work of fiction, nicely written and indeed for someone like me exciting to read. Some of the readers’ letters where of experiences at school so at that time i took them to be real because slippers and canes where used in schools. But what about the other stories, the domestic discipline stories, the so called true stories of secretaries not wanting to lose their jobs and submitting to some sort of physical punishment, the girl friend asking for punishment because it turned her on before sex. This can’t possibly be true, it was punishment, it hurt, it was meant as a deterrent. Not knowing there were people with masochistic tendencies or indeed fully blown masochist nothing really struck me as believable.

I knew the thought of having a young lady across my knee and spanking her stirred feelings in me.

I knew that laying the cane across the bare backside of a pretty little thing bent over a table excited me like nothing else. But i was inflicting the pain for my own stimulation.

If any of you lovely followers would like to comment i would appreciate your views on your feelings at a young age. Where you like me, a spanker or for me more importantly did the thought of being spanked or having pain inflicted on you stir you’re deepest desires.