More About Me

I have always had a fetish for spanking for as long as i can remember. Certainly in recent years it has become stronger and i feel it is now time to put my thoughts and feelings into a blog and to relive the past 40 years of my feelings and experiences as limited as they are. I feel there is nothing more intimate than having a willing young lady over my knee ready to accept whatever i feel is deserved.
I am not a professional writer nor do i profess to be but everything you read as you follow this blog is the truth as far as my diminishing memory allows.
I hope some of the younger people that stumble on this blog recognise what they are and that the feelings they have are not strange or perverted it is just part of them and they need to find like minded people to share their life with.

If anyone is even vaguely interested enough to mail me i will be more than happy to strike up a polite conversation and see where our interest leads.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit

BOB B           


  1. Yes, my feelings are likewise, when it comes to spanking the female bare bottom. It is always a pleasure, sexually and erotically to spank these naughty feminine beauties on their voluptuous naked rear end. Yes, I enjoy raising their dress, or skirt up. My heart delights in pulling down their knickers, to bare their rear ends. And then to spank them, especially with a cane, or birch rod. Makes me sexually and erotically feel ecstatic.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Six. Life and sex is both stimulating and exciting when you have a bare hand, a cane and a pert little bottom to use it on.


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