Saturday, 3 August 2013


Although I enjoyed my time at university and the company I was working for at the end of the year I had to make a discussion. Whether to stay and take a few exams that I had failed or return home and decide where I was going from there. I decided on the latter, who needs metallurgy anyway.
Straight back in to the swing of things as soon as I got home. Got a job in a local factory just to keep the beer tokens coming in and got back heavily involved with my local club, it was like i had never been away.
It was at the factory that i became attracted to a fellow worker. She had just split up with her boyfriend of many years and was obviously hurting. The club i was in was one of many in the town, of varying sizes, that compete against each other at certain times of the year. TG was a member of another club and so we bumped into each other socially a few times. Near the end of one particular night after a lot of alcohol fuelled singing and banter we ended up chatting. I cannot really remember how it came about or what we were saying to each other but my response was along the lines of, i don't know if you would really like me because i have a spanking fetish. Her response was surprising, it is only another form of foreplay. A painful form a replied but it did not seem to put her off. 
Time to walk her home with a little bit of kissing behind a tree in a small park that we had to pass on route. Perhaps it was time to dabble in a little bit of spanking, it was more playful than anything but it broke the proverbial spanking ice. Way before i intended to stop i got distracted by the noise of someone approaching. Quickly up-righted TG just as our friendly neighbourhood PC plod appeared around the other side of the tree. I think we were laughing all the way back to her house.