Monday, 3 February 2014

The Cane

After my first experience with TG i was longing to use a cane. Not only did it seem a natural progression but it always excited me the most. I have never known why, it is just in me. I had spanked T a few times after our first meeting but it was always in rather sublime places that only really fitted hand spanking.
One particular night we were due to meet at her parents house, they were on holiday and she was about to go in a few days time. We met and got down to it like you would and then it was back across my knee for quite a lengthy bare bottom spanking. In the corner i had noticed a tall plant tied to a cane. Something new for you tonight TG, i have not caned you before (or anyone else i thought to myself) and it is time to introduce you to the rod. Over the arm of the settee please. Being already naked there was nothing to be done but get on with it.I approached the pot, slowly pulled out the cane and wiped off the semi dry earth. I had never used one or even tried some practice strokes on a pillow so i was in new territory, it did feel rather natural though and i was very excited as you can imagine. 
I remembering placing the cane softly on the two cheeks of her naked bottom and pressing. the natural way the skin wrapped it self around the bamboo and the way it sprang back into shape as i slowly lifted it off was making me more aroused than i thought possible. I pulled my arm back, there was a swift movement of air, a rather loud thwack and a sharp, almost intense, intake of breath but no movement. A fiery red line appeared and a raised welt started to form. It was a plain old bamboo garden cane and should not really be used for such purposes as it can splinter and cut but at the time i did not know any better. Although i was not caning overly hard, thankfully it did not break any skin. Five more strokes followed each to my surprise on a different part of the bum and after each to my amazement no more intakes of breath and hardly any movement. We had talked about our upbringings and that sort of thing and she had never even been spanked let alone caned.
Never ceases to amaze me how some people, whether they like it or not, just seem to absorb the pain with no effort what so ever.
We went to bed and it was like i had taken a whole bucket of viagra.
I will never forget that experience and after that the relationship just petered out and not because of the caning. I felt i had to finish it for one reason or another, it was all down to me, something was not right.