Sunday, 22 December 2013


Hello Everyone

Well time has caught up with me again and i just seem to be getting busier and busier. Lets hope i get more time to send here in the new year.

So just to say if your a visitor that comments or one that just reads i wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Spanking Happy New Year.

BOB B :):) xxx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gone all Equestrian

Had to do a bit of shopping yesterday for some bits and pieces for work. On my travels i visited a local farming outlet that sells all sorts of stuff. Wondering around having a bit of a mooch

i was drawn to the horsey area, like you would, and came across this.


Just had to add it to my little bag of tricks. For £7 thought it was a bargin and it will of course give me endless hours of enjoyment like this

and this

And maybe even this

:) :) :)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Good Morning one and all.

Although i do not get the traffic some of our lovely lady bloggers get i very much appreciate every last person that visits, stops by and even sometimes comments. 

Thank you all for taking an interest and the time to pop in.

Have a fantastic day you lovely lurkers and fellow bloggers alike.

Best wishes to you all.


Saturday, 12 October 2013


After the park episode me and TG went out a few times for drinks. We did not have a place at the time to get more intimate but she said a friend’s house was available on one particular night. So that was a date and i waited all week with the excitement building in me. I had told her about my fetish and that it was a big part of foreplay for me and she seem to readily except it. Someone could be getting a sore bottom later in the week and i have to say i could not wait.

On the day I had gone to the gym as normal and then to the pub, as normal and then made my way down on to the estate. The place was a nice, well kept bungalow and we settled down nicely to a coffee and a chat. kissing and getting naked closely followed and then i told her i was going to spank her. I told her to stand in the corner, i do not really know why, perhaps it just came naturally or perhaps sub-consciously it came from stories i had already read. The fact was she was there, naked in the corner waiting for me to put her across my knee and i can tell you, i was rock hard.
TG dutifully went across my knee and over the last 30 years it is still the best view in the world  i never tire of looking down on a well shaped,pert little bottom. All milky white and waiting for my palm to pay it some well deserved attention. I had started, started my first proper spanking, not to hard i told myself. The girl had never been spanked before and i did not want the experience over to quick. To my surprise there was very little reaction, the perfectly formed bottom was turning a nice light red, i started to increase the weight and the speed but still no reaction. I didn't really know what reaction i was expecting, a few groans, a few little kicks of the legs maybe. At one stage she said not to fast but the actual sting and the mounting pain did not seem to bother her to much. I had notice a slipper as i arrived and told her to fetch it. Back over the knee and straight to work with the slipper. Although it makes a satisfying noise the slipper was never a favourite of mine and remains so to this day. What about the belt, i am wearing one, why didn't i think of that sooner. Well TG i think we better have you over the arm of the settee. 12 sharp, crisp strokes which was very satisfying as i had never used a belt before but again very little reaction. A few sharp intakes of breath but that was about it. 
The experience was highly enjoyable, i was buzzing, i am sure we had sex but i can not remember a lot about that, just the way she took it and the remarkable lack of reaction.


Saturday, 3 August 2013


Although I enjoyed my time at university and the company I was working for at the end of the year I had to make a discussion. Whether to stay and take a few exams that I had failed or return home and decide where I was going from there. I decided on the latter, who needs metallurgy anyway.
Straight back in to the swing of things as soon as I got home. Got a job in a local factory just to keep the beer tokens coming in and got back heavily involved with my local club, it was like i had never been away.
It was at the factory that i became attracted to a fellow worker. She had just split up with her boyfriend of many years and was obviously hurting. The club i was in was one of many in the town, of varying sizes, that compete against each other at certain times of the year. TG was a member of another club and so we bumped into each other socially a few times. Near the end of one particular night after a lot of alcohol fuelled singing and banter we ended up chatting. I cannot really remember how it came about or what we were saying to each other but my response was along the lines of, i don't know if you would really like me because i have a spanking fetish. Her response was surprising, it is only another form of foreplay. A painful form a replied but it did not seem to put her off. 
Time to walk her home with a little bit of kissing behind a tree in a small park that we had to pass on route. Perhaps it was time to dabble in a little bit of spanking, it was more playful than anything but it broke the proverbial spanking ice. Way before i intended to stop i got distracted by the noise of someone approaching. Quickly up-righted TG just as our friendly neighbourhood PC plod appeared around the other side of the tree. I think we were laughing all the way back to her house.



Thursday, 4 July 2013


I would like to echo some of my fellow bloggers sentiments and wish all our American friends a very happy 4th of July and hope all your celebrations are most enjoyable. Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog.

Have a drink for me and I will raise a glass to you all tonight

BOB  :):)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Consensual verses Non-Consensaul

Our friend Hermione, over at Hermione's Heart, a few weeks ago had a bit of a nasty accident and burnt her hand. I hope you are now fully recovered Hermione.

This throw up a question that has interested me for a very long time.

Why does the intense sting of a good spanking or the fiery line of the cane excite and for the most part for the spankee bring a lot of pleasure but different types of pain is not at all pleasurable in or on any other parts of the body. The post got some very interesting answers and can be found here. 

Under the heading Pain or Pleasure   

My old martial arts teacher use to say pain is merely a sensation, enjoy it why it lasts.

When it comes to pain why do some people either enjoy it or just shrug it off and ignore it when some cannot tolerate it at all.
This post is in no way scientific and is just my views on observations i have made over the years.

At school the slipper and cane for most people was a very effective deterrent but for some even at a young age didn't really care about the pain. They happen to have a lot of fun getting into trouble and causing chaos and the discipline was just something to be endured before they started on their next trouble making escapade.

Our friend Joey wrote a post back in May last year entitled
The Cane
Which can be found here;

In the post Joey talked about a caning master class and a gentleman called Mr Michael George Lewis. His first caning at the age of 6 did not deter him at all, quite the opposite. He liked it and indeed craved it, over his school years he got in as much trouble as necessary to make sure he fulfilled that craving. For most children at this age the experience would be frightening but his brain was wired different and although it was in place as discipline for him it was somewhat consensual. 

I have friends that are rugby players that if they take a bad knock have to stop while a few others can carry on playing with a broken foot or fingers and you would not even know they were injured.

I have never hide the fact that the biggest turn on, foreplay wise, for me is spanking from any of my girlfriends. Two in particular, TG and the person i married, both had never been spanked in their life, let alone caned but both at an early stage took a very reasonable caning with no movement or noise what so ever, not even a flinch. 

How did they do that? How with no prior experience or a length of time building up to it and may be building a tolerance did they manage to take a long spanking and a 6 stroke caning.


From my side it seems to be both physical as in certain chemical reactions in the body and a strong mental attitude. Athletes are a good example, there strong will to win coupled with their bodies ability to handle the pain of extreme physical exertion makes them what they are and again they are putting themselves through it, consensual.

Most of the spanking models admit that it turns them on and that it is a craving but a few just see it as a job and it does not play any part in their  private live at all.
Someone else explains it like this:-

I HATE the cane. The stinging sensation in such a localised area. gaahhhh it’s almost brutal.
but then...
I LOVE it. I seem to want it more. I want to build up a tolerance to the sting that the cane provides.

It seems to me that whether your into just the sting of a playful spanking, the some would say brutality of a 300 stroke caning, having needles stuck into your back to make pretty patterns or even the pain associated with rope bondage, if it is consensual no matter how much it hurts pleasure can be derived from it.   

You would think pain is pain wouldn't you but obviously not, it is just how your brain is wired and how your body processes that sensation. Either pleasurable or not. 

Just an observation really but very happy to hear different perspectives and points of view   

OUCH ! Now that has got to hurt?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

First Mag

It is going to be very hard for me not to come across as the Janus fan club. At the time it was the only publication that, in my opinion, had everything my kink required in a magazine. It was a bit like your first love, nothing came close to it and to this day i have seen nothing to compare with it. The shop was far more interesting with publications i had never seen before, books full of spanking stories and actual videos from different production companies other than Janus. Once you entered, it was like being in a different world and somehow anything beyond the door did not really exist for the fleeting time your senses persuaded you other wise, even if it was hours.
London certainly grew on me and it was not just the shop. Everything about the place was so exciting, the museums, the shops,the shows and all the diverse people. I was quite happy sat at a bar and watch the world go by, catching the interactions between all the different people. In fact i still do now, i would spend a lot more time in London if time and finances allowed.

The first publication i can remember buying in the above mentioned book shop was Janus 19 school girls super special. I cannot say that i have been a great fan of the school girl scenario but there was something about this magazine that i liked.


The above images are from School Girl Screen Test in Janus 19 and where very kindly supplied by Jon at the Janus Archive  

If anyone is interested in the history of the magazine or just like reading interesting articles, there is a fascinating interview with Vic Barnes who was a photographer at Janus for 18 years.

You can find the interview here  

Monday, 6 May 2013

New and Exciting Doors

“What I find amazing about this thing we do, is that it also seems to open up other doors that you never in a million years thought you'd even touch the handle never mind Enter.”
The above is a sort sentence form a lovely post over at Dee’s ( you can find the whole post here   ).

For me this sums up a lot of the last 2 years and what a rollercoaster ride they have been. I have always enjoyed my life. On the whole i let nothing get to me, if i have a problem i try and solve or get over it. If it is a problem that i have no control over, i put it to one side, why worry about something you have no control over. I also have no preconceptions about others, live and let live. I have never judged others for being different, be what you want to be and do what you want to do, as long as you do not hurt anyone and it is between consenting adults.
As far as i am concerned life is to sort to change who you are or waste time trying to mould others into what you think they should be.

What i am trying to say is i have always done my own thing. I have never worried about what other people have thought of me. As my life in this blog unravels you will see that my attitude has cost me in certain areas, that i have hurt people i love and done things i have not been proud of. But i have had to forge my own path and so you take the consequences along the way and move on.

Coming back to the above sentence the last few years have seen a whole new world open up. I have always been a spanker, it has always turned me on. But for years i did not understand it, i could not get my head around why i had the feelings and from what i was reading why others liked to be punished. I cannot recall how i ended up in the MarQe’s Study but it was a vast array of all the information i craved if you spent time there and delved deep enough and believe me i did. Up to then i had never really heard of blogging in any shape or form let alone a network of spanking bloggers, how exciting is that. So after some thought i decide to go back to the beginning and re-live my memories through a blog. It did not really matter if no one read it, i was getting a lot of enjoyment reading others and putting down in words, my memories, as far as my limited experience in writing allowed. I have found it to be a very friendly place, as soon as i started up i had very warm welcomes from Hermione, Ronnie and Dee. Although i will never be as prolific as these lovely ladies or as thought provoking as Erica i will keep plodding on to the best of my ability.
I had also gone through somewhat of a spanking drought for years and decided i would pay to spank someone. More new experiences. First was someone in the midlands, then a spanking model i had seen for years in a lot of spanking films, on a trip to London. I was completely shocked, i was expecting rough, hardnosed girls with a lets have your money and just get on with it type of attitude. Nothing could be further from the truth, they have all been lovely young ladies that are eager to please and decided to earn a bit more money doing something they enjoyed and there is a lot to be said for that. About 18 months ago i went to see someone else in the midlands. Her photo’s certainly looked good but nothing prepared me for actually meeting her in the flesh. Her main job was modelling and for me she was my perfect little spankette, a petite size 6 with a lovely personality and an insatiable appetite for spanking. Because of her job i had to keep bruising to a minimum so it taught me a certain amount of control which to be honest suited me because i have never been one to inflict as much pain as possible. I got to know her quite well and we became friends. When i was away on business and had an overnight stay i would use a hotel close to where she lived and we would go for a drink and something to eat on the evening before or after a session. Apart from my wife i did not want to spank anyone one else and because of the trust we had built up we met in London a couple of times. I had begun to realise that spanking was in my blood, something i just loved to do. I have always used spanking as foreplay to sex with the person i am with but i had never had any sexual thoughts towards her or any of the girls. I had given her a bedtime spanking and put her to bed, i had spanked strapped and caned her naked on a hotel bed but sex had never crossed my mind. She was a bottom to my top and the friendship we had built up was more important to me.

I also started to dabble a bit in Fetlife and that was a real eye opener. Whatever you are into it is there in abundance. The pictures, the writings and having a general chit chat to any one that wants to talk, i have found very fascinating and indeed stimulating. Also met an old chap that is into CBT (cock and ball torture) been into it all his life and even makes his own devices and tries them on himself. When you’re young and what point do you think to yourself i could really do with putting my balls in a vice. Can’t imagine anything worse myself but i began to realise that he was not a lot different from me. At a young age you knew that you had a certain kink but you thought that you where alone and that no one could possibly have the same feelings. I find it a bit sad that you have to harbour these feelings for years and in his case 50 years before you start to meet others with similar interest. Very interesting chap to talk to and one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.
My perfect little spankette is now pursuing a more vanilla career and is in a more stable relationship. Which is exactly what she needed. We still talk from time to time and meet up when i am in her area but no one is happier than me knowing she has that stability and that she has met someone that will give her all she has ever wanted.

Me on the other hand is diving into my kinky side even more and loving it. Most of the above will be elaborated on as my blog is brought up to the present day and as Dee has rightly put it i hope these doors keep opening for me and all you lovely kinky bloggers out there.         

Because i like the picture

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


London, early eighties, what a fantastic place to be. I have always loved cities, don’t really know why but give me a city to a beach any day of the week. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong have always given me such a buzz but London has always held something special for me.
Staying only about forty minutes by tube from central London i tended to make a pig of the intoxicating atmosphere i always felt when i visited and i got to know the place fairly well.
On one Saturday morning i went hunting for one particular place of interest. 40 Old Compton Street, a place i would come to visit regularly and a shop i and i am sure a lot of others, will greatly miss.

Question: Can you remember the first real landmark into your secret world of kink.

I would like to thank Jon at for supplying the above image.

Friday, 5 April 2013


Hello everyone how are you all.

I seem to be getting pretty useless at keeping my blog up to date but here i go again and i will try and post every few weeks.

I am still stuck in the early 80’s. A few lovely girls have come and gone but alas no spanking to speak of just a few pats maybe. Also worked at Marks and Sparks when college allowed which paid for my frenzied socializing.
Now things where changing again and university called. Managed to get sponsored by a huge engineering company and decided on a sandwich course at Brunel University not far from Heathrow airport. Not realizing at the time how close it actually was to London, i was very pleasantly surprised that Hammersmith Odeon was only 35 minutes away on the tube and even better what would become one of my favourite shops was just a little further.
Stayed on the campus and met some really great people, went to some really fantastic gigs at the Odeon and got to know my way about London quite well.          
One of my friends in a neighbouring room had a friend come up from Cornwall to stay for a few days. She was a lovely little lady and i took quite a shine to her. We spent a few hours around the local shops one afternoon and got on really well. There was a party in the student bar that night and i thought that we would get close because there was an obvious attraction there.
I couldn’t bring myself to go, i had a mental block about getting close to someone and them not knowing about my particular kink. The next day my friend asked where i had got to the previous night because this particular girl really liked me and was asking after me most of the night.

How could someone who liked socializing, meeting people and was a very confident person generally, be so inept with the opposite sex, be so embarrassed about who he really was and how he felt. At the time it was beyond me.

Ahh well there was always some spanking porn to fall back on.

Over the knee

Just the start

Nicely laid on