Monday, 30 April 2012

School Days

 Between ten and fourteen everything was rather normal apart from this overwhelming urge to want to slap the backside of every girl i set eyes on. To me it felt very strange, why was i having these feelings and why did no one else as far as i could see share the same thoughts. I use to catch little spanking scenes on TV and in films which gave me irregular feelings. There was a big open air swimming pool in the town and the whole class was taken there regularly for lessons and general recreation. One girl AB always stuck in my mind she seemed to like her bikini bottoms pulled down as she got out the pool and there was generally someone on hand to give it a good whack. Even at that young age she laughed and just shrugged it off. Later in life i learnt that she did indeed like it and often thought to myself what a missed opportunity.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Early Days

As far as i can recollect it was summer and the start of a new decade, the 1970’s. I was 8 maybe 10 and playing in the garden. The kids next door where older by at least 5 years and although i had no thoughts of girls then i remember the daughter to be very slim and attractive. There was a bit of an argument going on and as i listened the girl answered back quite loud to her father. I have no memory of what the argument was about or how long it lasted but one sentence has stayed with me to this day. You’re not too old to go over my knee young lady. Even now after 40 years i can remember the words clearly and wondered if that was the catalyst for my long obsession with a certain part of the lovely female form and my own harsh hand. To an extent it was but i understand now that it did not suddenly turn me into a spanker, it has always been in me, it is part of me and over the years i have not hurt anyone ( if you understand what i mean ) and looking back i have enjoyed every last minute.