Wednesday, 24 April 2013


London, early eighties, what a fantastic place to be. I have always loved cities, don’t really know why but give me a city to a beach any day of the week. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong have always given me such a buzz but London has always held something special for me.
Staying only about forty minutes by tube from central London i tended to make a pig of the intoxicating atmosphere i always felt when i visited and i got to know the place fairly well.
On one Saturday morning i went hunting for one particular place of interest. 40 Old Compton Street, a place i would come to visit regularly and a shop i and i am sure a lot of others, will greatly miss.

Question: Can you remember the first real landmark into your secret world of kink.

I would like to thank Jon at for supplying the above image.

Friday, 5 April 2013


Hello everyone how are you all.

I seem to be getting pretty useless at keeping my blog up to date but here i go again and i will try and post every few weeks.

I am still stuck in the early 80’s. A few lovely girls have come and gone but alas no spanking to speak of just a few pats maybe. Also worked at Marks and Sparks when college allowed which paid for my frenzied socializing.
Now things where changing again and university called. Managed to get sponsored by a huge engineering company and decided on a sandwich course at Brunel University not far from Heathrow airport. Not realizing at the time how close it actually was to London, i was very pleasantly surprised that Hammersmith Odeon was only 35 minutes away on the tube and even better what would become one of my favourite shops was just a little further.
Stayed on the campus and met some really great people, went to some really fantastic gigs at the Odeon and got to know my way about London quite well.          
One of my friends in a neighbouring room had a friend come up from Cornwall to stay for a few days. She was a lovely little lady and i took quite a shine to her. We spent a few hours around the local shops one afternoon and got on really well. There was a party in the student bar that night and i thought that we would get close because there was an obvious attraction there.
I couldn’t bring myself to go, i had a mental block about getting close to someone and them not knowing about my particular kink. The next day my friend asked where i had got to the previous night because this particular girl really liked me and was asking after me most of the night.

How could someone who liked socializing, meeting people and was a very confident person generally, be so inept with the opposite sex, be so embarrassed about who he really was and how he felt. At the time it was beyond me.

Ahh well there was always some spanking porn to fall back on.

Over the knee

Just the start

Nicely laid on