Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Consensual verses Non-Consensaul

Our friend Hermione, over at Hermione's Heart, a few weeks ago had a bit of a nasty accident and burnt her hand. I hope you are now fully recovered Hermione.

This throw up a question that has interested me for a very long time.

Why does the intense sting of a good spanking or the fiery line of the cane excite and for the most part for the spankee bring a lot of pleasure but different types of pain is not at all pleasurable in or on any other parts of the body. The post got some very interesting answers and can be found here. 

Under the heading Pain or Pleasure   

My old martial arts teacher use to say pain is merely a sensation, enjoy it why it lasts.

When it comes to pain why do some people either enjoy it or just shrug it off and ignore it when some cannot tolerate it at all.
This post is in no way scientific and is just my views on observations i have made over the years.

At school the slipper and cane for most people was a very effective deterrent but for some even at a young age didn't really care about the pain. They happen to have a lot of fun getting into trouble and causing chaos and the discipline was just something to be endured before they started on their next trouble making escapade.

Our friend Joey wrote a post back in May last year entitled
The Cane
Which can be found here;

In the post Joey talked about a caning master class and a gentleman called Mr Michael George Lewis. His first caning at the age of 6 did not deter him at all, quite the opposite. He liked it and indeed craved it, over his school years he got in as much trouble as necessary to make sure he fulfilled that craving. For most children at this age the experience would be frightening but his brain was wired different and although it was in place as discipline for him it was somewhat consensual. 

I have friends that are rugby players that if they take a bad knock have to stop while a few others can carry on playing with a broken foot or fingers and you would not even know they were injured.

I have never hide the fact that the biggest turn on, foreplay wise, for me is spanking from any of my girlfriends. Two in particular, TG and the person i married, both had never been spanked in their life, let alone caned but both at an early stage took a very reasonable caning with no movement or noise what so ever, not even a flinch. 

How did they do that? How with no prior experience or a length of time building up to it and may be building a tolerance did they manage to take a long spanking and a 6 stroke caning.


From my side it seems to be both physical as in certain chemical reactions in the body and a strong mental attitude. Athletes are a good example, there strong will to win coupled with their bodies ability to handle the pain of extreme physical exertion makes them what they are and again they are putting themselves through it, consensual.

Most of the spanking models admit that it turns them on and that it is a craving but a few just see it as a job and it does not play any part in their  private live at all.
Someone else explains it like this:-

I HATE the cane. The stinging sensation in such a localised area. gaahhhh it’s almost brutal.
but then...
I LOVE it. I seem to want it more. I want to build up a tolerance to the sting that the cane provides.

It seems to me that whether your into just the sting of a playful spanking, the some would say brutality of a 300 stroke caning, having needles stuck into your back to make pretty patterns or even the pain associated with rope bondage, if it is consensual no matter how much it hurts pleasure can be derived from it.   

You would think pain is pain wouldn't you but obviously not, it is just how your brain is wired and how your body processes that sensation. Either pleasurable or not. 

Just an observation really but very happy to hear different perspectives and points of view   

OUCH ! Now that has got to hurt?