Saturday, 12 October 2013


After the park episode me and TG went out a few times for drinks. We did not have a place at the time to get more intimate but she said a friend’s house was available on one particular night. So that was a date and i waited all week with the excitement building in me. I had told her about my fetish and that it was a big part of foreplay for me and she seem to readily except it. Someone could be getting a sore bottom later in the week and i have to say i could not wait.

On the day I had gone to the gym as normal and then to the pub, as normal and then made my way down on to the estate. The place was a nice, well kept bungalow and we settled down nicely to a coffee and a chat. kissing and getting naked closely followed and then i told her i was going to spank her. I told her to stand in the corner, i do not really know why, perhaps it just came naturally or perhaps sub-consciously it came from stories i had already read. The fact was she was there, naked in the corner waiting for me to put her across my knee and i can tell you, i was rock hard.
TG dutifully went across my knee and over the last 30 years it is still the best view in the world  i never tire of looking down on a well shaped,pert little bottom. All milky white and waiting for my palm to pay it some well deserved attention. I had started, started my first proper spanking, not to hard i told myself. The girl had never been spanked before and i did not want the experience over to quick. To my surprise there was very little reaction, the perfectly formed bottom was turning a nice light red, i started to increase the weight and the speed but still no reaction. I didn't really know what reaction i was expecting, a few groans, a few little kicks of the legs maybe. At one stage she said not to fast but the actual sting and the mounting pain did not seem to bother her to much. I had notice a slipper as i arrived and told her to fetch it. Back over the knee and straight to work with the slipper. Although it makes a satisfying noise the slipper was never a favourite of mine and remains so to this day. What about the belt, i am wearing one, why didn't i think of that sooner. Well TG i think we better have you over the arm of the settee. 12 sharp, crisp strokes which was very satisfying as i had never used a belt before but again very little reaction. A few sharp intakes of breath but that was about it. 
The experience was highly enjoyable, i was buzzing, i am sure we had sex but i can not remember a lot about that, just the way she took it and the remarkable lack of reaction.