Saturday, 7 February 2015


From the front cover to the lovely images in side Nicola held a fascination for me and the following images explains why.

Firstly it is the way, in the photo story, she hands him the cane. It has always been my biggest turn on being asked to punish, being handed the cane and being told ,i want you to cane me. 
Guaranteed to get me rock hard


Then there's the position.

I don't think that i had seen it before.

But from that day i loved it. I like over the back of the chair, over the arm of the couch and stretched over the table.  

But this position i love to this day. Perfect

Just beginning to reach her limit, wanting to get up, but resisting, beautiful.  
On the practical side you are already in the bedroom.


A big thanks to Jon at the Janus archive and thank you to Nicola, wherever you are, for giving me such enjoyment.