Wednesday 24 April 2013


London, early eighties, what a fantastic place to be. I have always loved cities, don’t really know why but give me a city to a beach any day of the week. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong have always given me such a buzz but London has always held something special for me.
Staying only about forty minutes by tube from central London i tended to make a pig of the intoxicating atmosphere i always felt when i visited and i got to know the place fairly well.
On one Saturday morning i went hunting for one particular place of interest. 40 Old Compton Street, a place i would come to visit regularly and a shop i and i am sure a lot of others, will greatly miss.

Question: Can you remember the first real landmark into your secret world of kink.

I would like to thank Jon at for supplying the above image.


  1. Hi Bob

    I can recall the first slaps on a tights covered bottom which I gave to a girl when we were both thirteen. I can recall the first sexy spanking that I received from a cousin when I was 15. I can recall the first time I found a copy of Janus in a shop (the small size copy) near my college digs and I remember walking into Janus London when I was about 20. It was an Aladdins cave of spanking.

  2. I certainly was a regular visitor for many years during my trips down to London. Janus would usually be my last stop before dashing through the Underground crush to Euston. I have spent hours stbrowsing those shelves!
    My first forays into my kink? Cinema spankings made me aware that I enjoyed spanking, even the word 'spanking' was one I could not help repeating to myself in my head at times? A special thank you should go out to Jill & Melanie for their part in my earliest OTK experience ... wonder if they still indulge?

  3. Never knew there was a Janus shop, though I sometimes bought the magazine. I lived in London 1954-60 and enjoyed it but was glad to get out when I did.

  4. Mine was also in London. On a school trip to the theatre we had to walk from where the bus parked. We were passing a street market and one of my mates bought a spanking mag. I think it was called 'Victorian and Edwardian spanking'. I often wonder if they still publish.
    Kind regards,

  5. I remember seeing "Penthouse Variations" in a variety store when I was in my early twenties. I begged my husband (now ex) to buy it for me because I was too embarrassed to buy it myself. My first spanking novel was "The Incestuous Uncle" which I found at a used bookshop two years earlier (and bought it myself!)


  6. Every time I visited London, one of my first stops, was the Janus Book Shop. What beautiful memories can I recall of browsing amongst these volumes of spanking literature. Yes, those were the days my friend. And sadly to say it had its end.

  7. My parents bought a Large second hand bound volume of 'Picture Post' Mags-yes the ones with the with the spanking and csning series of letters regarding spanking young ladies in 1939 !I was just 18 ,2 years sgo and they read some of the letters to me and then told me they were going to punish me the same way, and made me read them! I am now 20 and still being soundley caned and spanked, often reducing me to tears and leaving raised red cane weals for a few days! I have to go to their bedroom with only my panties below th ewaist and undergo a spanking and sharp caning of between 10 and 15 srokes on my bare bottom !After I have 20 minutes or so in the corner being slapped on my bare bum for trying to rub my painful bum ! Miss DH

  8. Hi, My Parents have some issues of the old Picture Post
    Mag, but only letters about girls being spanked and caned are there! I am a male ,18 and in Univesity and my parents have punished me with the long whippy rattan canes they bought, for the past couple of years! I now know realise what those girls felt all those years ago!My Mum a teacher is the one who gives me most of my canings , and really does make it hurt a lot ,with long raised red weals striping my bare bottom and thighs ! I often complain about the pain of her canings but she replies it is well deserved, my boy, and I feel I'm being too soft with you ! I am considering giving more strokes in future and I am discussing it with your Aunties and other teachers ! She has often brought me to the verge tears as it is Ialso get corner tie wit plenty of slaps for trying to rub my burning cheeks Mrs L

  9. Hi,I am Bob ,19 and in University. My Mum is divorced but that does not stop her being strict with me and has several straps and canes, in her study ! I had to sign a Spanking Agreement -which has another 3 years to run! She loves to cane me on my bare bottom and thighs and canes quite sharply and some times really hard ! She thinks I am a cry baby ,as I do cry when she canes hard but she has no idea how much it hurts me !The cane leaves long ,vivid red raised weals ,across my bum and thighs !Yes it does make sitting very uncomfortable for at least two days !She insists on seeing my bare bottom for another 4 days and cannot resist slapping my bum each time ! I get up to 15 strokes of the cane or tawse ,which has me jerking up duriig canings and clutching my burning bum as I often stamp my feet as I frantically rub my well padded and rounded bottom! JE

  10. Hi,I'Ken, 18 and I used to be shy! However my Mum is still strict with me although she is divorced , which makes her more determined to ensure I behave her Rules! I had to sign a Spanking Agreement, which has 3 years to run! She has been punishing me quite often and as she removes my trousers and now my underpants as well ,spanking and caning my bare bottom and thighs often in front of relations and her friends!It is awful, and she does make the canings really hurt me ,leaving a well marked bottom with red raised, sore and painful weals ,across my flesh! Now she is considering with my Aunts and her friends, if she should introduce the birch for me! I do have a really well rounded, big bottom which she feels is very well able to take a birching !It looks as if I will be feeling a birch rod on my bare bum soon! My Aunts and her friends are are very surportive of her views, they would be of course ! Ken.

  11. Hi I'm Ken, Ii am sitting on a very sore bum as I finisg my post! I had come home very last night and at two o'clock next afternoon I wa led by the ear into the kitchen Mum sat down and took my PJ trousers off in front of our cleaning lady and two of Mus friends and one Aunt! I was given a quick spanking by the ladies then Mum took her long rattan cane ,ranged it on my bum then I felt tghe shock of three very sharp cane sroke sacross my buttocks! I got up from my bending position only to get another 3 cuts on my thighs ! They all looked at my red wealed crossed bum before she started to cane me even more sharply making me cry out from the burning pain the cuts caused in my buttocks and thighs! She paused to look at my bum again, ignoring my pleas for her to stop promising not to be late again! She then brought the cane down really sharply and continued , as my tears filled my eyes and I satrted to cry, tears rolling down my face ! She ignored my tears nad gave me 8 more sharp cuts! I jumped up hands clamped to my buttocks and and danced around ,still sobbing as some remarks foliowed about being a cry baby, which was very hurtful and unfair as the paing surged through my bum and thighs !I was put in the corner where I had several hard slaps from them to prolong the pain of the caning ! At last I was sent to my room but Mum said next time it well be the birch my boy ! Ken

  12. Hello,I'm Don and I live with my parents ,but Dad is working in the GUlf, most of the time!Mum is strict and She has her rules which form my Spanking Agreement with her, although I am now 18 but designed to last three years more! She firmly considers punishments should be given on my bare bottom , in front of others and takes my trousers and underpants off , even if there are 2 or 3 of her teacher friends present, with family members! It is horrible, but she persists ,ignoring my pleas! last weekend i had a sound cning -1o sharp strokes of the cane! Don


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