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Consensual verses Non-Consensaul

Our friend Hermione, over at Hermione's Heart, a few weeks ago had a bit of a nasty accident and burnt her hand. I hope you are now fully recovered Hermione.

This throw up a question that has interested me for a very long time.

Why does the intense sting of a good spanking or the fiery line of the cane excite and for the most part for the spankee bring a lot of pleasure but different types of pain is not at all pleasurable in or on any other parts of the body. The post got some very interesting answers and can be found here. 

Under the heading Pain or Pleasure   

My old martial arts teacher use to say pain is merely a sensation, enjoy it why it lasts.

When it comes to pain why do some people either enjoy it or just shrug it off and ignore it when some cannot tolerate it at all.
This post is in no way scientific and is just my views on observations i have made over the years.

At school the slipper and cane for most people was a very effective deterrent but for some even at a young age didn't really care about the pain. They happen to have a lot of fun getting into trouble and causing chaos and the discipline was just something to be endured before they started on their next trouble making escapade.

Our friend Joey wrote a post back in May last year entitled
The Cane
Which can be found here;

In the post Joey talked about a caning master class and a gentleman called Mr Michael George Lewis. His first caning at the age of 6 did not deter him at all, quite the opposite. He liked it and indeed craved it, over his school years he got in as much trouble as necessary to make sure he fulfilled that craving. For most children at this age the experience would be frightening but his brain was wired different and although it was in place as discipline for him it was somewhat consensual. 

I have friends that are rugby players that if they take a bad knock have to stop while a few others can carry on playing with a broken foot or fingers and you would not even know they were injured.

I have never hide the fact that the biggest turn on, foreplay wise, for me is spanking from any of my girlfriends. Two in particular, TG and the person i married, both had never been spanked in their life, let alone caned but both at an early stage took a very reasonable caning with no movement or noise what so ever, not even a flinch. 

How did they do that? How with no prior experience or a length of time building up to it and may be building a tolerance did they manage to take a long spanking and a 6 stroke caning.


From my side it seems to be both physical as in certain chemical reactions in the body and a strong mental attitude. Athletes are a good example, there strong will to win coupled with their bodies ability to handle the pain of extreme physical exertion makes them what they are and again they are putting themselves through it, consensual.

Most of the spanking models admit that it turns them on and that it is a craving but a few just see it as a job and it does not play any part in their  private live at all.
Someone else explains it like this:-

I HATE the cane. The stinging sensation in such a localised area. gaahhhh it’s almost brutal.
but then...
I LOVE it. I seem to want it more. I want to build up a tolerance to the sting that the cane provides.

It seems to me that whether your into just the sting of a playful spanking, the some would say brutality of a 300 stroke caning, having needles stuck into your back to make pretty patterns or even the pain associated with rope bondage, if it is consensual no matter how much it hurts pleasure can be derived from it.   

You would think pain is pain wouldn't you but obviously not, it is just how your brain is wired and how your body processes that sensation. Either pleasurable or not. 

Just an observation really but very happy to hear different perspectives and points of view   

OUCH ! Now that has got to hurt?


  1. I've wondered about this, too. No doubt that for some the buttocks are an erogenous zone and most other places on the body are not - in general. Every human body is unique in its innervation, plus life experiences especially when young tend to develop preferences.

    I recall an account written by a young woman who was frequently punished bare with a strap by a nun teacher. At first she hated it but as it happened frequently she began to look forward to it. I suppose the emotion inseparable from punishment and humiliation gradually caused a craving to develop. The fact that the teacher did it mainly for her own enjoyment cannot have been lost on the girl and will have transferred itself to her I guess.

  2. If I'm given a choice of an implement, I often choose the cane. Its funny, I thought I'd never ever ask for the cane but I was wrong. I love it but yet hate it yet want it more and as I said in my post when I don't have it I miss it. Does that make sense.

    Have a good weekend.


  3. I have always believed in the motto. "The Cane, must Pain". So if a naughty woman is to be corporally punished, the cane is the perfect implement to be used on her naked derriere.

  4. Hi there, About 2 months ago our daughter, Liane spoke to my wife about our continuing caning of her for breaking our Rules! She is now 20, and we had thought about this ourselves and decided the benefits for her and ourselves was still right and we were not altering our views on this matter! She came out ofour bedroom in tears my wife said after she spanked her for being rude about it and our attitude! When her end of term report and notes about her behaviour were studied by us we decided to cane her ,twice during the holidays! She was in tears when we told her and my wife took her skirt and her panties off and she bent down over the arm of a chair! We then caned givig her seven cuts each which made cry even more and she left the room 30 mintutes later still rubbing her bottom and thighs knowing she had another caning coming next week, on her bare bottom!HC.

  5. Hi,I am a married young lady, 23, and hubby and I frequently visit my parents but I often get into an argument with Mum . My hubby stays out of it and when Mum gets annoyed and sends me to get the cane she still keeps for me he just loves it and enjoys seeing me caned as one cne can clearly see form the bulge in his trousers! Off come my skirt or jeans and she takes my panties off as well , with hubby's help!It is so embarassing but I must admit I enjoy it! She does not go easy on me and canes me sharply on my well rounded bare bottom ! I am soon regretting having provoked Mum but I find it such a big turn on ! I hope to suggest next time that Hubby should alaso be caned as he encourages me to cause the row in the first place ,to satisfy his 'enjoyment' !Mrs L

  6. My Mum still gives me spankings and canings for breaking her rules, which she regards as beiing for my benefit! I keep protesting but to no avail! I'm Janet ,20, and really hate her disciplining me ,quite often too!She punishes me in her bedroom over looking our neighbours garden, and always opens the top windows of my room! This means they can hear me being caned and spanked and my cries of pain and sobbing! Mum says if I behaved there woild be no punishment for them to hear , or tslk about to her and me sometimes ! Jan

  7. What is it with Mothers ! They have an urge to tell family and some friends that they smack their over 18 daughters', on their bottoms-my bare bottom, which is awful! A week ago she invoked my 'Spanking Agreement' to cane me ,I was seen smoking by Aunt Anne!! She was there to witness my caning and see me have to appear in our study in my easily removed pyjamas, which Mum did ! I went over her knee for a spanking then I had to wait 10 minutes ,my pink bare bum on view, to Aunty and heard by our lady gardener ! I bent over and reachd for my toes and felt Mum tap the cane on my bare butocks, then felt the first sharp cut bite into my bum !I was soon crying out from the pain of the strokes ,Mum pausing after 10 cuts to see my bum and legs before giving me another 5 strokes which finally brought me to tears ! I sobbed in te corner for a few minutes before being semt to my room with a couple of hard slaps! JM

  8. Has anyone had the birch at home? I had it after my parents were told that I was still smoking in University!I am 20 and this broke a promise I gave them a couple of months earlier when after having recieved 10 stinging stokes of their school type quite thick cane,-they are both teachers- which left me very much regretting my actions! They were upset ad told me I would be getting the birch at the weekend! I went down to the study inmy pyjamas and Mum slpped my trousers off and I had to lie over the arm of the sofa! They had cut the thin switches and made the birch from 6 of them tied together! My bare bum was ready and they then gave me about 12 sharp stinging cuts which was awfully painfuland had me cyoing ou loudly and bursting into tears after 4 or 5 stokes !They ignored my tears until I had the full 12 stokes ! Iwas left to cry in te corner fr 15 mnutes ,they gave me a big hugan mum took me up to my room and inspected my buttocks for any cuts etc. I have now stopped smoking ,but they have promise me another birching if I started again !

  9. My Mum was very interested reading about the young lady having the birch! She had lectued me about smoking again last week when she saw me and some friends in a pub in tiown ,smoking and drinking!She said she she was going to try to birch some sense in to me -nothing else had worked! that evening in front of two of her friends and three aunties she undressed me below the waist and made me bend over a chair and gave me 10 strokes of a birch made of 7 switches from out garden, which I had to cut,clean and tie together!The pain was horrible and she took her time. letting each stroke teach me a lesson, she said! I was cryng before she finished and my bum and thighs were left covered in thin red raised weals,mybu was just very ned! I have not smoked since then, but it is early days! I do think that I want another birching! Liane

  10. I can assure you that my punishments are not given me with my agreement! I think my parents are really awful insisting I should be spanked and caned -and on my bare bottom each time ,which is quite often though I am 20! They can see all my private. intermate parts as I undress for them to 'deal with me'!They both punish me but Mum mainly and she makes makes sure I really feel the pain of my canings ! If I move to much during my canings she makes me hold out my hands for the strap which I hate even more than the cane on my bum! I can see no end to these punshments whilst I live at home and even thinking about that can make me cry but not as much as the cane which they give me quite sharply and slap me while I do 20 minutes corner time ! Miss G

  11. Hello All, I work in IT- ultra modern industry , but my Mum still seems to think in Victorian terms, when it comes to punshing me! Yes ,she still insists on giving me the cane, or a spanking ,although I am just over 22 years old ! I do not have a boyfriend ,at present , so she does take advantage to cotinue to punish me as if I was still a teenager!However I do love my Mum and tend to think like her ,that as I live at home ,she is entitled to exspect I will respect her Home Rules! I do feel loved even when she does punish me, and takes my jeans and panties off to do so! My bare bum and my thighs , are duly caned or spanked even in the diaper position sometimes, so she sees my vagina and pussy ! MIss KS.

  12. Hi.I am Kate ,19 now . My Mum and I have a typical relationship as I still live at home ,subject to her home Rules which are reasonable but mean I am still too frequently ,over her knees or the arm of a chair for punishment !Mum takes the view that I should be subject to CP whilst in Uinversity to help ensure I do study hard ! What happens after that, if I am still at home, she says is down my behaviour and I get the feeling she would not hesitate to give me a good spanking or the cane , as now, on my bare bottom! AS it is She uses a short cane for over the knee caning which hurts after a spanking given first! Miss K.

  13. Hi.I'm Julia,23 and engaged to a young man, Len who fully supports my very strict parents in giving me CP despite my age if I break Mums Rules , and My Spanking Agreement with Mum! He does like to spank me and has done so, with Mums agreement and in front of her and sometimes Dad and some of my Aunts and Mums lady friends! I find it humiliating ,but exciting too ,as it is always on my bare bottom! Mum always undresses me ,removing my panties whilst I'm over her knees!Len does not seem to be the least embarrassed at all by the audience and clearly enjoys spanking me! Julia.

  14. Hello, I'm Jean and I am 24 but have to live at home whilst I save enough for a small flat! My parents put aside money for me to help achieve my target which is growing quite quickly now! However Mummy still believes in the value of keeping a cane ,in fact she has three ,accumalted over recent years! Dad approves and shares in caning me sometimes ,over my pyjamas ,unless Mummy feels I should get it on bsre bottom ,not even allowed thin panties! Two weeks ago my monthly Review by Mummy meant I ended up with her caning me in front of my two aunties, and my sister and Sil! All ladies meant she undresed me and removed my panties so they saw my shaved pubic mound of venus! It really is so awaful but I have to accept it! My bare well rounded bare bottom was soon being spanked by them at Mums invitation, 3slaps each which hurt me before I lay over the arm of the sofa! Mummy adjusted my position and then i felt the cane swish down on my bare flesh including the tops my thighs!i was soon really feeling the burning pain of pain of the sharp strokes and got the ful 12 cuts! I was sobbing and rubbing my bum as I went into the corner for 20 minutes of more slaps! Later on she came up and gave me a cuddle as she examined my bum and checked no cuts had gone into my bum cleft! Jean, feling sore!

  15. Hello, Jean posting. Mummy was very pleased with my reaction to her caning! My bootom was sore for 4 days and I had to sit on a cusshion for two days However I was repored for smoking some 20 days later, by an 'ex' boy friend , out of spite for me dumping him ! Mummy had had rather liked him but he was only after 'one thing'! I had been smokimg with friends in our usual Pub and I pleaded with Mummy ,pointing out my very recent caning! She replied all the more reason for more caning to drive home the message! The same people were again invited and I was again undressed by Mummy -so embarrassing to have my private 'bits' on view again! She invite them to smack my bum sharply and make it hurt- 5 slaps each ,this time and they enjoyed slapping my buttocks and thighs and certainly making it hurt me, and my eyes were filling up -it was so unfair! THen she got our parttime house keeper to get the cane, which she loved doing and watching! I had to bend down for the first 6 cuts and cried out fromt he first very sharp stroke ! She took her time giving me another 7 cuts. I shot up and clamped my hands over my burning bottom as the tears flowed down my face! Ihad 15 minutes corner time and got several slaps adding to the pain in my bottom and thighs! She again examined my bum later, as lay over her knees then gave me a cuddle!

  16. Hello I'm Mrs Pat J. I'm 26, married and a few months ago I was struggling to cnvince my Hubby that it was essential he give up, smoking! well he promised, but didn't. I hate the smell and smoke stinking the housse out! I decided that was it and warned him to stop or I will spank and cane you!! I dod not think I would until a couple of canes and a tawse were deliverd! Later after dinner I made him bend down like a school boy and over his trousers I gave him 6 ahrd strokes of a long rattan cane! He danced about holding his buttocks and then I ordered him to take his trousers and underpants off!I gave him another sharp 8 cuts ,which had him in tears! His bottom and thighs were covered in vivid red, raised wweals ! I then put him in the corner to reflect on matters and gave his shrunken penis a squeeze !! He tearfully said he would give up smokingas !I gave him a litle comforting! ! I did not believe him and told him he would get moe csning if he did not! Mrs PJ


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