Saturday 7 February 2015


From the front cover to the lovely images in side Nicola held a fascination for me and the following images explains why.

Firstly it is the way, in the photo story, she hands him the cane. It has always been my biggest turn on being asked to punish, being handed the cane and being told ,i want you to cane me. 
Guaranteed to get me rock hard


Then there's the position.

I don't think that i had seen it before.

But from that day i loved it. I like over the back of the chair, over the arm of the couch and stretched over the table.  

But this position i love to this day. Perfect

Just beginning to reach her limit, wanting to get up, but resisting, beautiful.  
On the practical side you are already in the bedroom.


A big thanks to Jon at the Janus archive and thank you to Nicola, wherever you are, for giving me such enjoyment. 


  1. Beautiful caning photo's of a naughty woman. Because she is wearing suspender--belt and stockings, it accents her naked derriere.

  2. Super photos ! I find I have to give my wife a spanking or the cane from time to time ! I am afraid she recently scrapped the car whilst coming into our drive too fast! She apologised to me but said could she have her punishmnet now .She hates having to wait for it ! she stood in front of me and I undressed her then put her over my yknees for a 20 slap warm up spanking on her lovely bare botto and thighs! She stoodup clutching her red painful bum as I went for my rattan cane! I gave 12 sharp cuts on her bottom and thighs, producing raised red ridges ! She had 15 minutes corner time before being allowed to go to our bedroom to soothe her painful rear!

  3. At the end of summer term Fiona our 20 year old daugther confessed the term did not end well and admitted that she deserved to be punished for not workig hard enough in university! Ami is 20 and my wife and I were very surprised! She actually said she expected us to cane her! Next day we bought a new cane and after dinner Ami came down in her pyjamas which were quickly removed by my wife and we oroceeded to spank her then bent her rover the arm of a chair and started to cane her quite sharply , we each gave her 8 strokes on her well rounded female bottom and thighs which she hates us doing! More slaps and extra cane strokes for trying to rub her bum! She was of course sobbing during her corner time !

  4. Our daughter, Alice returned from her gap yeare and asked us if we would help her out finacially to go to University ! We agreed but the 19 year old was shrewed enough to say that she expected we would impose Rules and consequences for breaking them ,rubbing her bottom as she did so! We laughed but confirmed! Her first caning was two weeks later when we sent her to her room and followed with a new long pliable rattan cane!She had undressed ready and slipped her panties down for me to cane her bare bottom -8 strokes which had her in tears before her Mum gave her another 4 cuts! I slapped her bare bum when she came down for corner time!This was the first of many canings whilst she was in UNI! John

  5. I believe my fiance, now 22 should still get spankings over her Dads knees in front of me and her mum! I usually take her over my knees afterwards to express my feelings about her behaviour that l;ed her dad to spank her, the parents having left the room! She likes me to do so even if it is on her bare bottom and I do not spank softly ! She takes her punishments very well and rarely cries! I always sit her on my knees after, to hug and kiss her, as I rub her bum better!
    She responds and does not complain about my spanking her even if her bum is clearly hurting her! We discuss her spankings and consider how she will get it when we marry !TG

  6. Super photos of her caning ! Reminds me of watching the daughter of friends of ours being caned at home by her Dad as she was stretched across their dining table when she 18 ,just before she went to Uiversity! Her Mum took her jeans off then placed the 18 year old so she was lying face down and finaly removed her knickers ! Her so white , well rounded buttocks were then soundly caned by her Dad! He must have given 8 stinging strokes and her Mum gave her four cuts! I felt sorry for her but she only had herslf to blame! We did see her caned 4 or 5 times over that first year!MY

  7. Hi, I think I must have looked like that girl when I was caned, or strapped,on my bare bottom by my divorced Mum, across our kitchen table!I was caned from ages 18 to 22 and She liked to make it a 'public event ' to make it more effective by having a coulple of aunties , Gran and my sis in law preesent! The cane was a long pliable rattan which was just under 1/4inch thick and 32 inches long ! it really hurt awfully and only 4 or 5 made me cry, and I suffered some cries of 'cry baby' somtimes! She gave me 12 cuts which made my bum feel on fire and hurt so much but she insisted she had to cane me sharply to do any good! She would come up later on and inspect my red wealed bum ! She always gave me hug and told me she did love me but did it for my own good! I held her tightly and told her I still loved her!Mrs KM

  8. Hi, I am Mrs KM -I wrote the above letter re my punishmnets as a teenager! Well I am now a Mum with my own daughter, who has been tred us for a coiple of years by her behaviour and Hubbby and I could hardly wait until she was 18 and were able to give her the cane! We started too give her a spanking before her cannig Hubby giving 5 strokes on her bare buttom ,then I gave her the same !She did not cry like I did,taking the sharp caning well ! We did sometimes have couple of Aunties present! THen we gave her a short corne time and then I took her up to her bedroom with my strap! I lectured her again and pulled her panties down again for 3 stokes on each bum cheek and up to two on each hahd which had he jumping around clutching her bum and hands and aat last she then often creid! I gave her a hug reassuring her we still loved her very much!She often apologised for her behavior and said we were right to cane and strap her bum ,holding her stinging bottom as she did so! Mrs KM

  9. Hi My Daddy is srict with me, and applies the 'old fashioned remedy' to my bottom whenever he feels it is deserved! Like last week end I had gone out on my Bike for a ride around our town in my bikini shorts ! I attracted a lot of male attention ,which had been my objective! Dad was furious when I got back and he saw what I was wearing! I was sent indoors and into the study where he and Mum soon joined me carrying 'my' pliable cane! Over his knes I went and he and Mum quickly removed my shorts and my panties THey both gave me several hand slaps before Daddy picked up the cane and started my caning with sharp stinging cuts acroos my bottom and thighs- I was crying out loudly as each stroke fell across my bare flesh .He paused to see my bum before starting again -harder I felt and I started to cry ! I was acutely aware of my bare anatomy they were once again seeing as I kicked and tried to move about to escape the really stinging cuts on my bum, thighs and even legs! I must have had 15 strokes, my bum ws burning like fire but i then hhad to stand in the corner for 15 minutes before Mum took me up stairs to my room- for some hand strapping ! I lay on the bed my bum still bare as I sobbed ! Later they both came up and gave me hugs! Miss AL

  10. Hello all, I have two daughters, 25 and youngest came as a lovely surprise as we hd been 'trying'for some years! My youngest was lying over may knees an hour ago, for her 3rd slapping and caning ,in the two months since she was 18! Her sister had reportesd her for smoking and I had given her a good row last night . So earier today I was looking down at her bare bottom as I spanked her, prior to caning her with my 31 inch pliable rattan ! Sheis a tall giel and a well rounded bottom still maturing and getting vrry well rounded!She had a tear or two in her eyes as I took her shorts and panties off whilst still lecturing her ! I do slap her sharply, on bottomm and thighs! She was cryingout as each slap connects with her anaotmy, bsfore pick up the cane ! She does not hold back the tears for long and I see them rolling down her face ,as her cries get louder bu tshe does not try to cover her rear! She goes in to the corner for 15 minutes then comes tome for a big hug and gives me a kiss! Mrs HB

  11. Hi, I have two girls 22 and 19 . My younger girl Jane was in front of me as she took her jeans off for me to cane her bottom !She said "I am going to get a flat or digs as soon as I can Mummy"! I ignored her comment and put her over my knees for a good warm up spanking ! I used my slipper and whacked her quite sharply, making her cry out loudly I let her up and she went to the armchair and lay over an arm ! My cane is a rattan ,33 inch long , and I startd to cane her sharply taking my time to make sure she really felt it!She did and started to cry, her face indicated the pain she was feeling! I did like caning her -she so deserved it! Gave her 12 strokes and she was really crying out very loudly. from the last three! Then corner time after which she rushed uo to ome to be hugged and kissed before I got my strap, to give her one on each hand . Later she lay over my knees for me to soothe her burning bum and apply ointment to her bum and thighs! Mrs JN

  12. Hello, I met my girlfriend at a Birthday party and we dated! She was late and was for several times over the following 2 months ,and was rude at times to me ! I met her Mum, by chance in town and we had coffee and a long chat! She was quite short but my Jane was 5'71/2'' tsll and dominated her she daid Jane was rude and acted as if she ruled the house! A tale of woe really! I then had an idea and her Mum if she would mind if I put Jane over my knees?! I did it when I was at their house 3 days later ! Jane put up a strong struggle but I finally had her lying over my knees! I spanked her ,not hard but sharp enough to produce gasps and cries ! She got up clutching her bum and thighs and looked at me, as her Mum came in ! She said to her her, He has spanked me Mum, still rubbing away! Good, was the reply ,well done K.! Mum please!! That was the first of several I gave her over the next month or so including two with her skirt lifted right up on her flimsy panties !I then decided with her Mum to buy a coupleof ratttan. pliable canes! Jane was mortified when we put her ove my knees for her first acning with the shoter cane ! Her Mum pulled her shorts down for me to cane Jane properly and she was soon crying out with the pain of the strokes I gave Jane, who took it very well I then gave her a big hug sand rubbed her bum for her which produced much kissing and she welcomed my hands and fingers helping to comfort her! Her mum came in and pulled her panties up into a wedge to reveal to us her super bare bottom covered in red stripes! We both told Jane that there would be many more canings in future for breaking the Rules we introduced fot her! Ken


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