Sunday, 6 May 2012


As i entered my teens my imagination was running wild. There were so many lovely girls in the school all with great figures and tiny little bums. Always pretty much went around in the same group and we lived in a small town so we where 2 minutes from open countryside. We used to go out ditch jumping and there were always small trees you could break a switch off and try it out on one of the girl’s bottoms. Not to hard just enough to test the water and gauge the reaction. We use to meet in the front room of a friend’s house and generally try to act grown up. We would sit around and smoke, drink cheap cider, play the latest music, particularly Queen a night at the opera, glam rock and then on to punk and new wave of British heavy metal. On one particular occasion one of the girls was pissing us off a bit too much and got dragged down across my knee. There must have been about 4 or 5 of us spanking her all at once, a good 40 odd smacks and she came up looking a bit dishevelled and sat quietly in the corner. The rest of the crew was probably not aware of how much this turned me on and inwardly i always felt embarrassed and a bit ashamed of the feelings that where growing stronger in me.   
I don’t know if it’s the case but it seems a lot easier now. Years ago i felt alone, strange and weird, with no information about people’s fetishes and cravings. Being young now and with the advent of the internet all the information is at your finger tips and you can explore your feelings through more experienced peoples websites and blogs. Or is it just the case that too much information can be damaging and confuse even more.        


  1. Nice concept for a blog Bob .... I've linked you at MarQe's Study ...


  2. Welcome to blogland! Hope you meet lots of nice friends and enjoy yourself. :)

  3. Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy blogging.


  4. Thanks for visiting! Hope that you enjoy blogging and reading mine as well. The love/hate relationship...oh yes, you'll hear LOTS about it. :)


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