Thursday, 20 September 2012


Firstly i would like to say to everyone who has visited here, thank you very much and i must apologise for not posting for some time. Although i have been trying to keep up with all your lovely blogs, most days i just run out of time.

Before i carry on delving into my ancient history i would like to remark and may be stir some comment on Dee’s last post about Subspace.

Forgive me as i might be wrong here but i always thought subspace was a somewhat chemical reaction in the body. Not everyone likes the pain of being spanked or pain in general and the people that do have endorphins that kick in far quicker than your normal person. It acts like taking heroin, gives you a hit and sends you into a state of euphoria. Some subs seem to experience it very quickly; you can see it in their face straight away, some seem to like the build up. In the same vain subdrop is like going into some kind of cold turkey. I know some of my friends are very good with pain but the way there bodies work, that pain and the way there endorphins processes it gives them no pleasure others are real babies when it comes to pain. Dee loves to be spanked and her body must process the amount of pain and release the pain killing chemical slowly. Whereas Faerie can seem to reach it very quickly and what turns everything on its head is that Faerie can reach subspace without pain but a particular sensation brings it on.
Everyone is different, and i ask a lot of questions about this subject with the people i meet but there must be some underlying constant running through this theme.    

Any thoughts anyone.         


  1. I agree that it could partly be a chemical thing. Everyone talks about how you get an endorphin rush when spanked and that in turn releases all sorts of giddy "floaty" feelings for some.

    I've only once experienced what I would call subspace and think it was a combination of how my body reacted, my mood and headspace at the time, and connection I felt with the top.

  2. Ooh I feel like I have a spotlight shining in my face. Lol! First, hello, nice to see a post from you, I almost had your blog deleted from my blog roll :)
    Um...... I have no clue really. I haven't been to subspace, or back :) It fascinates me though. Mitch asked me about it after reading my post and I said the only way I could think to describe it, from what I've read only, was that it sounded to me like it was a kinda altered state of consciousness? Or maybe like the high you get when you take illegal substances?
    Not that I have, but I imagine it also to be a similar
    I don't know but if I ever get there maybe I'll find out :)

    Dee x

  3. I wish I knew what caused it, cause I'd like to be able to do it all the time. It's awesome :)

  4. Bob,

    Entering subspace is rare. Many of the females I spank have not experienced it. Some have once or twice in years of spanking.


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