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End of an era 1978 and it was time to wave good bye to school, including the disco’s and see what the big wide world had to offer. It was also around the time that i became acquainted with alcohol yes the demon drink and what lovely stuff it is as well. Always enjoyed school for the most part, always wanted to learn and made friends with some really great people, a lot i still see and a few that are still my best friends after 36 years. Decided i was undecided about what i wanted to do in the future so college was the path for me. Also joined a local club, mainly a bunch of guys that got together, dressed up, raised money to put on yearly shows, raised a lot of money for charity and consumed an awful lot of alcohol along the way. Still play a small part in that club and have had the best life because of it, primarily because of the diversity of the people involved. It was at this time that my kinky feelings and indeed life changed forever. I was at my best friend’s house, who funny enough still is, when he produced a magazine that he found in his older brothers room. I had never seen anything like it, all my kinky dreams wrap up in one publication. Did not understand the name but it has been a word that would play a large part in my life for the next 30 years. Janus a journal of fetish and cp. I must have read it from cover to cover 10 times and still could not get enough of it. The images, the fiction and the readers’ letters all there in glorious colour for me to soak up and think perhaps i am not that strange at all. This is a professional publication, they don’t produce just 10, there must be thousands of people who have the same feelings.

This first magazine that captured my imagination so much was a very early edition may have even been Mentor. The Photo’s below are from my first memories of seeing the magazine in its new format brought in around 1981.

I would like to give a huge vote of thanks to Jon of the Janus Archive for sending me these original images and being so helpful. There will be a lot more of Janus to come in the coming years.

Anyone interested in the history or the massive archive Janus has please go to:    



  1. Bob, are you in the UK? I've only hear Janus mentioned by people outside of the U.S. but it sounds like it started many a person's fantasy.

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