Sunday, 26 May 2013

First Mag

It is going to be very hard for me not to come across as the Janus fan club. At the time it was the only publication that, in my opinion, had everything my kink required in a magazine. It was a bit like your first love, nothing came close to it and to this day i have seen nothing to compare with it. The shop was far more interesting with publications i had never seen before, books full of spanking stories and actual videos from different production companies other than Janus. Once you entered, it was like being in a different world and somehow anything beyond the door did not really exist for the fleeting time your senses persuaded you other wise, even if it was hours.
London certainly grew on me and it was not just the shop. Everything about the place was so exciting, the museums, the shops,the shows and all the diverse people. I was quite happy sat at a bar and watch the world go by, catching the interactions between all the different people. In fact i still do now, i would spend a lot more time in London if time and finances allowed.

The first publication i can remember buying in the above mentioned book shop was Janus 19 school girls super special. I cannot say that i have been a great fan of the school girl scenario but there was something about this magazine that i liked.


The above images are from School Girl Screen Test in Janus 19 and where very kindly supplied by Jon at the Janus Archive  

If anyone is interested in the history of the magazine or just like reading interesting articles, there is a fascinating interview with Vic Barnes who was a photographer at Janus for 18 years.

You can find the interview here  


  1. With you on this Issue. I recall it well.
    I started to read Janus a little earlier than you when it was black and white and A5 size. A long time favourite mag.

  2. The pain of the cane, that this naughty school-girl is feeling, will last a long time. And it should. For if she repeats her faults, her corporal punishment with this spanking implement will be doubled.

  3. Hi ,Tom here. I will alwayd remember the thrill I got going into the Janus shop! I remember leaving very relutantly to catch my train home! I left with mags and videos .but one of the Mags later was found by our cleaning lady! I was 18 but Mum was furious and went straight to he study with one and firmly dragging me with her! shedid not waste time and sat down, reached for my trousers ,and undid my fly buttons and I felt her fingers as she did so, touching my penis still covered by my Underpants! But not for long as she removed them and my penis and balls were revealed to my two aunties, and the cleaner ! This was not for the first time by far , and then I had to bend down bum facing them and Mum gave me 12 really sharp strokes!I cried out very loudly and move about trying to avoid her very sharp cuts across my bum and thighs!Sh gave me 14 strokes , which made me cry ,tears running down my face! Corner time was awful too as the others slapped my bum quite hard by hand, really enjoying doing so, smiling as they did so!! I went to my room to try to ease the pain in my buttocks and thighs! They were sore for 5 or 6 days !Tom

  4. Hi.Tom posting, After my puishment I searched for remaining mags amd videos, really hiding them away !However the cleaner found one that under the mattress in a spare bedroom !'How many more do you have Tom?@ Mum demanded! None I said confident that remaining 3 , were well and truly hidden !It was a two day wait to Saturday after noon for my second caning ! She invitd two of her fellow female techers to be there as well as my tw aunts and our cleaner again who made served them some refreshments! I was ordered into the lounge and stood in front of Mum as she undressed me !She pulled me closer and undid my fly buttons , and pulled my trousers down befoe reaching for my underpants and removing them, and they saw my erection before I could cover my front ! Wheni did she slapped my hands away but my penis had alresdy begun to shrink! She sapnked me over her knees and invited them all to come and give me two sals each,including our cleaner! i got the impression they loved it ! Then bent down reaching fr my toes ! She gave me the first sharp cut on buttocks, making me cry out loudly as my bum was sore from the spankings , but she continued swishing te cane all over my bum and thighs ,as I cried out loulder and tried to get my hands in the way, but one of the teachers held them clear of my bum! I could feel tears in my eyes as she looked at my bum and I pleaded for her to stop! She did not and gave me another 6 or so more as the tears fell and I was cryinga nd sobbing! Then corner time and more slaps befroe I wa sent to bed! i got 3 strokes on each hand with her tawse later! Tom


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