Thursday, 4 July 2013


I would like to echo some of my fellow bloggers sentiments and wish all our American friends a very happy 4th of July and hope all your celebrations are most enjoyable. Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog.

Have a drink for me and I will raise a glass to you all tonight

BOB  :):)


  1. The celebration of the Fourth of July Independence Day, is a perfect time to spank a naughty woman on her bare bottom. Especially with a cane. Giving her 'six or more strokes of this pliable corporal punishment implement directly on her naked derriere, Sets her nude buns aflame.

  2. Hi,I'm Ami, 17 and ,I was relaxing in the bath with ,a lovely scented candle ! Mum knocked on the door openned it and looked in!Come in Mummy ,I said -I don't mind !She came in and saw my bare breasts and my my pussy before I covered it!She sat down on the stool as we chatted and I said "there is a girl in my class , Gwen who gets the cane,Mum! Your slaps on my bum, remined me!. Mum had slapped me this morning over my PJ,s three quite sharp slaps! Gwen said it really does hurt her! I have been thinking ,Mum -I hate detention ,it was two days you gave me a month ago ! "Well darling you did deserve it you know!" Yes, Mummy but if gave me the ..cane and or spankings it would be over and we could be .. 'friends' again Mummy !I hate it when we quarrel and sulk, for a day or two Mum, and Gwen has a spanking agreement with her parents! Mum was very surprised by my suggestion and said she would think about it! later we chatted again over coffee and Mum
    said she agreed-a very good idea darling! " Ami.

  3. Hi, Ami here again ! A couple ofdays after my post of 20 April ' I had come down for my breakfast , and Mum told me off for not tidying my room enough and crooked her finger at me to go across to her ! She made me stand by her. I was only wearing my pyjamas and she pulled them down to the tops of my thighs and she slapped me very sharply 4 times on my left buttock and twice on the backs of my thighs !She paused as I gasped but slapped my hand away,then did the same smacking , even hader, on my right bum cheek just as our part time houskeeeper came in looking directly at my front and saw my corn coloured pubic hair covering my pubic mound ,with the slit visible as well! I was already blushing but now she saw much more! Mumm turned me around exposing my red stinging bum and gave it an examination then went acroos and got her hair brush and came back and gave mte two on each cheek ! My bum felt on fire and I clutched my flesh and managed to rub my bottom for s few seconds!It had really hurt and I was sent to my room with a tray, with coffee and toast!I dressed but stayed there until Mum came up and gave a big hug and patted my sore bum and said "there now darling ,you know what the spankiings you will be getting are like and later this morning I am expecting my on-line order for the canes to be delivered,darling", she gave me another hug but insisted on looking at my poor ,still stinging ,sore bum was like! Ami .

  4. HI, Well the canes did arrive later on and our housekeeper Mrs PN took the rolled parcel in. Mum openned it in the afternoon and I heard her talking to Mr.N about them and why she had bought them! I kept out of the way but Mum made a point of showing them to me in the room I had to spend some of my grounding in !One cane was long, the other short, for dealing with you over my knees,darling!! Oh Mum!I exclaimed gasping from this surprise and I felt dismayed because she had acted so quickly! I did hold and flexe them feeeling how whippy they were,and how often she would want to cane me, rather than spanking mee ! Ami

  5. Hi, I did not have long to wait for Mum to make me feel the pain of the short cane !She said she did not want me to only get the cane or spanking , when she puished me but would always give me grounding for at least one day , in future! I was surprised but I did not argue as she said on that day she would spank or cane me ! However she also felt it wouuld only be only right if I had a couple of strokes of the cane now, so I would know what I would be getting! She put me across her knees amnd pulled my PJ trousers right down and she patted my bum, none too gently ,then raised the cane right up and swished it down sharply across both my bottom cheeks ! It hurt ! I gasped and nervously waited for the next which was just as sharp ! "Oh Mummy, I cried out at the stinging pain and I tried to get my hand back to protect and soothe my bum! I was alowed to get up after she watched the red weal rise and then slapped me and told me to get up and stand in the corner with my hands on my head! I did get another two sharp slaps ,for trying to rub my stinging bum! Later I went to my room and she came up with a cup of tea and She asked me for my reactions to the caning! I summed it up by saying it had really hurt! She said wait until I give you a full caning, of perhaps 8/12 strokes ! I gasped at that number but Mmu said it was it was my own fault for asking for it, b suggesting it instead of grounding for up to a week in future! Ami, (feeling sore!)

  6. Hi, I ,m Pete, I was 18 in May but I had my first public caning in July and it was 'public'-in front of 3 of her friends, who like Mum were teachers !I had been given a good lecture for coming home late, as I was on a date with a lovely girl! Mum had given me two canings already since my birthday! I stood in front of the sideboard, my clothing reduced to a shirt which ust covered my bottom! Mrs P her friend came in and lifted my shirt and at a nod from Mum gave me six good slaps on my bum and thighs! Mum then had me bent over the arm of our Sofa pinining my shirt right up ad gave me 9 painful cuts with the cane they really stung and I cried out loudly with each stroke and then Mrs P gave me several more hard slaps making me really feel the awful pain in my bum and thighs! later on Mum took me upstairs ans put me over her knees to slap my bum some more by hand and her and slipper.reducing me to tears I'm afraid ! Later she came in and sat me on her knees for more lecturing and squeezing my bum which was still bare! Pete (my bum still very sore)


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