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Around 1986 i came across Janus 68, there was something about the front cover, in particular the girl on it. Nicola Redway.

In my eyes there was an innocent beauty about this girl, perhaps a girl next door look or the way she played to the camera and the way the talented photographers at Janus captured the anticipation and nervous tension. 
I did not know at the time that Nicola had already appeared quite a few times before but this particular edition holds special memory's for me. 

The following stills were sent to me by Jon at the Janus archive Here and up to around a year ago where previously unseen.

 Thanks Jon  

If you have not ventured into the archive yet it is highly recommended.


PS. good to be back at last :):)


  1. This young lady looks like our niece who came to stay whilst her mother went out to Austrlia to see her Aunt. We were given spanking rights and it was clear that we would have to use these early on in her stsy !There was no concession given and fron the first spanking we insisted in her taking her Jeans off and allowing my wife to take her panties down as well ! We both put her over our knees in turn and gave her spankings! WE then obtained a couple of long flexible rattan canes and she was soon very much regretting any bad behaviour or breaking her curfew time ! WE gave her at he age of 19 up to 10 strokes on her bare bottom ,rather sharply making her cry out and start crying after only 5 or 6 strokes,even at her age! WE naturally gave corner time -of 20 minutes ! My wife was keen to monitor her after the canings, going up to room and gave her extra slaps ,or cuts with the cane if she was rude or complained about our canings being on her bare bum etc! The cuts my wife gave her were quite sharp, producing more tears ! KT and DT

  2. Hi, We keep a cane our niece Penny, since we had to look after at the age of 18 !She was reasonably behaved but she often broke our rules which led us to have to cane her bare bottom virtually every month, when we reviewed her conduct!She is now 21 and still has the cane ! My wife still undresses her removing her panties but she no longer makes such a fuss about her bum being bare for the cane ! She gets 14 strokes on her bare bum and thighs and gets up often leading to good slaps! We go up to he room later to check she is OK and my wife will give her the strap on her hands if she has misbehaved ,during her caning by getting up ,putting hands in the away etc! Den.

  3. My wifes younger cousin lives with us whilt she is taking her degree course, her parents asked us to do this as they now live in Florida! They have given us permision to discipline Diane, noow 20! We do find her behaviour is bad at times and have to punish her to keep her focussed on her studies!My wife decided to buy a couple of canes ,as she used to get on from her parents. We cane Diane on her bare bottom ,which ensures my wife can see she is not caning too hard or softly! We put her over the punishment chair after my wife undresses her and finally taking her panties off ! She tends to kick out and twist abut during her canings whch can eresult in our seeing a lot of her private anatomy! my wife has told her but it makes but she still does it !E give he a warm up spanking first then cane her welldeveloped buttocks and things! My wife puts her nto corner time with a no rub rule! Aftermy wife takes her to her room and examines her bum , thenn puts her over her knees face up, to slap the front of her thighs as she feels a 2o year old should behave without having to be caned etc! Diane often complains about her sore bum and will pull down her panties to show us which results in more caning for being rude! Giles

  4. My wife is 6 years youger than me and I find she can be rather lacking in responsibility when it comes to Money matters, from time to time! Naturally I have no hesitation in correcting her and she reluctantly accepts her bottom must pay the price ! I have two canes and a tawse and find the rattan canes are very effective in punishing her! Not that she agrees but has to bend down minus her panties for a good caning !Last week I gave her 12 stingers which had her in tears and promising to be more careful with her money !After the caning she ahd to hold out her hands for two light stingers on each with my tawse!She hates having corner time but again I insist on 15 minutes in the corner with her bare bottom on view and last week she had to face the embarrassment of her Mum seeing her and slapping he legs and thighs ! Mike

  5. My is very extravagant and really has to be brought down to earth at the sales after Christmas! She is younger than me but knows what will happen if she goes 'wild' at the sales!I took her into the kitchen and she lay face down on the worktop as I took her panties off baring her super well padded bottom! I spanked her to warm her and her bottom up before I got the strap and started to whack her buttocks and thighs ! She was soon wriggling about and kicking her legs but stayed in position although she did try to cover her bum!I like to put her in the corner after for 10 complaining slapped bum and legs minutes, for trying to rub her stinging rear! I then take her into my arms and we retire to our bedroom ,for advanced comforting! JL

  6. Hi, I find my wife, 25, can be very argumentative when she is at my Mums ,which borders on being very rude at times ! I have had to agree with my Mum ,that she can spank my wife if this happens ! My wife could not believe I meant this ,when I told her the first time and demnstrated to my wife by putting her over Mums knees to be spanked! My Mum took charge and despite a struggles lifted my wifes skirt and pulled her panties right down! The struggling revealed a lot of my wifes private anatomy to my Mum including her vaginal lips and the inside of her bottom cleft! She was soundly spanked and did a dance around clutching her bum! My wife apologised to Mum and told her she deserved her spanking and said said she also deserved to be caned! Mum has a cane for my Sis and went for it !My wife bent over a chair for 6 sharp cuts on her still bare sore bum! She was in tears but when we got home she welcomed the comforting I gave her! .She was so excited and aroused by her punishment! She now goes to my Mum for discipline canings and spankings if we have rows at home and comes back with a very well marked red bum! BJ

  7. I have two daughters the younger girl,18,and is always complaining about my giving her a spanking or caning her bare bottom ,as she is now starting University ! What a contrast with my eldest girl, 21 ,who has always believed I am right to give her spankings or canings if deserved! She has a degree and is now working in Finance ! My eldest is not punished too often but I still undress her for her canings etc about every 6 weeks! She stands before me as I remove jeans and panties, seeing her pussy and her vagina and anus as she lies over my knees as I examine her well rounded ,large but firm female bottom, before punishment. I do cane and spank sharply, which she realises is deserved at her age! I give her 15 strokes usually, over her bottom and thighs! She naturally cries out as the cane bites into her flesh adding to the stinging pain with each stroke .Some times tears and sobs are shed! I give her 20 minutes corner time!I go up to her room with cups of tea and we have chat which she loves but I slap her bum if she rubs it too much! She sometimes has to have my light tawse on her hnds if she earned penalty strokes during the caning ! She loves me to giive her hugs ,forgiving her ! Miss E

  8. Hell, I have two young 'ladies' 21 and 18 !THe older girl has obtained her degree and is working but still deserves a good spanking or caning surprisigly often although she does try to persuade me she is too old for it on her bare skin but I do insist on bare! My younger girl 18 is now starting Uni and I am afraid does need spanking and caning often to keep her studying on track ,her time keeping and behaviour also have to be watched, although I must say she takes her punishments well with little fuss or argument!She knows, all to well ,I cane her sharply and on her bare bottom! Both girls are punished in our lounge and can see the other caned if they are in and tHe younger girl is keen to see her sister punished !The youger girl rather likes mummy to undress her for the cane and I of course we see her pussy which she shaves! She really does like me to smack and cane her bare bum and helps me remove her jeans and takes her panties off for me! She likes me to come up to her room after I have csned her and examine her bum, see the marks and give her a cuddle to say all is forgiven ! She loves me to open her bum cleft too, and give her a little tickle! Mrs G.

  9. Hello, I have a lovely daughter helpful and very attractive! Jan is 18, in University, studying hard and lives with me at home! She very much likes to invite me into the bathroom to have a nice chat about what we are thinking etc as she relaxes in the bath! I was dubious at first but I now accept it! As she says "you have seen me bare beforoe ,now ,and no doubt will in future"! WE both laugh, knowing what she is referring to! Yes I do smack her bare bottom, but I do hesitate before I do, unlike some Mums who don't !She does have her moments when I could spank her but she does work and study hard and is so helpful to me! I decide not to spank her at least a third of the times! I do tell her however she knows how much I love her! When I do spank or cane her she comes into my bedroom in PJs and I take her PJ trouses off , often seeing her pubic mound which she shaves somtimes! Then over my knees for a hand spanking or over the edge of my bed or lying face for my 32 inch cane!I do sometimes cane her over my knees ! I do not have one of the popular long canes some people like to use and have no wish to cane with one! I cane her bare boottom and thighs, giving up to 12 strokes ,sharply but not hard! After wards she apologises ,rubbbing her well rounded stinging red lined bottom ,with a tear in her eyes ,but she does not cry! . and I like to give her a big hug and a kiss, in my arms. Mrs G.

  10. Hello. my last letter was in fact older as ,yes I had hesitated to send it! It had come as surprise to me that Jan had been rather rude to me three weeks after I sent the letter and she landed up over the edge of her bed for a good caning and spankingd her! NOw I was worried after she was rude to her Grandma, who had phoned from France! There could be no excuse for that and now only a fortnight after that last caning,I sat in my bedroom waiting for her so I could again punish her! Two days ago I took her to our doctor who told us she hsd been studying too hard and needed a break, or laughingly suggested a spanking might be helpful in releasing all the tension ! WE had one of her bathroom chats after and she gave me ,somewhat tearfully , these reasons for her behaviour and She felt Doctors amusing idea was the right one for her! Shecame in carying the cane and i finished undressing her and put her over the edge of the bed and started caning her rather sharply , on her bare bottom. I did not rush her caning and she was clearly really feeling the cane cuts , crying out and moving wrigglin an kicking but k held her tight and continued canging her sharply ! I stopped when she had been cryig for a few minutes and i had given her 14 strokes of the cane! She cried in my arms as I comforted her but made it clear she would be spanked in a day or two! Mrs G.

  11. Hello. Last week I went with a friend to some shops including a Sadlers! We looked around and spotted canes placed vertically, in metel containers ! I was pleased to see some longer canes and decide to buy a couple for my daughters' bottom! I have said I did not like using a long rattan cane but her recent outbursts of rudeness, finally convinced me it was now needed one to apply to her well rounded bare bottom !! I introduced her to these canes when having a chat ,when she was in the bath! A few day later I put her over my knees for a spanking and made her bend down over a chair for sharp 8 cuts with one of them! Her tears confirmed she had really felt the cuts! She looked at me and said that had hurt but came to me, and gave me a hug and a kiss which I returned,as I patted her red wealed sore bum! She held no resentmemt against me, sayingd she had deserved it! Mrs G.

  12. Hello, I was in the garden with my daughter, Jan and she was grumbling as usual! "Owe she gasped ."I have pricked my fingers again ,Mum! I am fed up with gardening ,again !I hate it! And you are going to tan my bum this afternoon as well! Maddy never does anything in the garden , Mun , it is very unfair!" before I could reply the two ladies from next door looed over the fence!" "Oh dear, poor Jan ,is in trouble again !" I replied explaining why Jan was being punished ! " Perhaps you would both like to come around at about 2.30 this afternoon ,for tea and spanking! They laughed and Jan just stopped working and stood there fighting back the tears ,then ran in! Lunch was a silent affair! She came down to the lounge in her Pjs' and I went to her and her trousers were pulled down! They gasped as they saw her shaved pussy and watched me put her over my knees ,her bare bum facing them !I gave her six slaps and invited them to give her slaps on her her bum or thighs too! She was crying out from the first cut of my long rattan cane! I continued slowly making each stroke count, leaving long red ,raised weals! I paused to examine her buttocks and openned her bum cleft for a quick look at her vagina, to make sure she was not enjoying Mummys caning!I gave her the last 4 cuts out 12 and by then th tears were on her face and she was sobbing fro the pain of my sharp strokes! She went into the corner for 15 minutes and ten I gave her a hug and the ladies also hugged her gently patting her sore pain wracked bottom and they wiped away her tears ! Mrs G.

  13. Hello, My daughter ,Jan, was in trouble again last week ,but srongly complained to me about being caned when I told her to undress and come down to the lounge in her PJs! She did so just as our cleaning lady arrived and another argument arose about being caned with her there! I was tired of her moaning and in front of her I removed her PJ trousers! She had seen Jan's bare bum before and smiled as I put Jan over my knees and started spanking her hre bottom! She stuggled but I hed her tight and asked MRs. H to pass me my slipper to add 6 sharp spanks to her bare stinging bum!Jan was quiet then as I told her to bend over the arm of the sofa ! She was soon crying out evenmore loudly as my cane bit into her bottom flesh and I also caned her thighs which really had her kicking and trying to avoid the cuts !I caned her slowly each stoke leavimg a long red weal on her bottom and she started to cry but that did not save her buttocks more painful strokes ! She ws pleading for rme to please stop and after another six I did !I had given her 12 stokes on her bum and thighs which with the spanking had her really sobbing from the pain! I sent her into the corner for 15 minutes! Later as she left the corner she came over to me ans I took her into my arms as she had another little cry ! I told her "please do not argue in future ,darling it makes your caning worse and longer " MrsG

  14. hello, Jan succeded in staying out of trouble for over 6 weeks until our cleanig lady found some cigs inh er room under a box of books and mags! I did not relish the argument to come as she had been very difficult last time I wrote and had caned her! However I was surprised when she looked very sheepish when I showed her the evidence! That evening she invited me into the bathrom whilst she was in the bath! She was lying face down in the bath her super bare bottom on view before she turned over and reveald her pussy ushaved for once! her buttocks were really inviting a caning and she apologised to me and said she realised she deserved a good long spanking and caning! I was so surprisd but confirmed she had to come to the lounge at 2.30 ,tomorrow afternoon! She came down on time in her PJs and slipped them down for me so all I had to do was take her panties right off! I still wondered why she was so co-operative but went over my knees and I examined her bum and openned her cleft , then started to spank her! I samcked sharply as usual making my hand sting s well as he bottom so I picked up my slipper and applied that to her bum ,producing gasps and little cries of pain ! ihad decide in view of her submissive attitude to use my shorter cane which surprised her !I gave her the cuts sahrply but slowly watching the rd weals rise on her so white bare skin of her bottom and thighs! She was crying out as I continued oaning her , overher buttocks and thighs until I deece a catch in her cries and asked her if she was crying! She replied yes Mummy with a little sob, good I said darling you are getting a sound caning and I went on canng her giving another six stingers! I then let her up and sent her into the cornerfor 15 minutes of trying to rub and soothe her pain wracked bottom !We fought a little battle over her hands on her bottom but a few slaps won ! She stll sobbed quietly and I let her outof the corner early and she came straight over to me and into my arms! I tld her as I gave her a cuddle that I loved herbut ihad to correct her and would do so again when needed! She lay across my knes and I knew she wanted me to open her cleft and tickle her! So I did and felt her anus three or four times ,which made her cling to me! Mrs G.

  15. Hello, Well two days later, after we had breakfast Jan was complaining that her bottom was still sore but the pain had gone! She was in her bath at the time and had invited me in to chat! I naturally had a look at her bottom as she turned over, the marks of her caning were still there for me to see !! Her bum did look sore but I told her she had asked for it and deserved it! My remark upset her a little but I told her to get out of the bath, dry herself and come to sit on my lap ! However she preferred to lie across my knees and I took advantage to give her 3 or 4 slaps on her bum and told her if she continued I would give her a spanking! You are really very strict with me, Mum ! My bum is hurting and you would spank me again! Yes I wills I said and started to do so, not very sharp but it stung her , and she reactd by clenching buttock tight then relaaxing them! I felt she was enjoying my spanking her so I gave her several more sharper slaps! I knew what she wanted and once again I let my fingers stray into her bottom clsft which was still damp! I did tickle her and she clearly liked it and I did feel her anus again ! Mrs G

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