Tuesday 30 December 2014

Festive Greetings

Hoping every enjoyed a Very Merry Christmas and wishing everyone out in spanking blogland a

                           HAPPY SPANKING NEW YEAR  



BOB B x 


  1. Hi All! Well my new year wish came true for me soon after new years day! I was in the Den with my new friend ,Joyce and Mum made us coffee ! She brought it in and said to J do sit down,Joyce! J replied I would prefer to stand thank you Mrs H, one hand rubbing her bottom !Muim looked at her and I explained she had the cane last night. Mum was amused and very interested ,at last I thought Later when J went ,she said to me -thats what you need ,my girl! Over lunch I told Mum I thought she was right -it was what I deserved! She took me 'shopping' out in the country and stopped at a sadlers and inquired if they had canes for sale I blushed deep red, as she examined the canes and she bought two and a strap ! It a week later when I felt the longer rattan cane across my bare bottom for smoking! She took me into kitchen and removed the PJ bottoms I had changed into and I had to slip them down! She smacked my bare bum first, a few times then I bent down for 8 strokes on bum and thighs! Oh it hurt and I began to wonder if I had made a painful mistake! But Mum came up and examined my bum and said "well you did ask for it, I'm glad to say ,darling! She rubbed my stinging bottom and thighs ! Yes I did love Mum and she gave me a big hug! Jayne.

  2. Hi,Mum was not slow to take an early opportunity to give me another caning, in front of a couple of her friends, to demonstrate her ability to give me the cane! JoOyce was there and assisted Mum undress me ! I was almost nude with only my Bra on ! I cringed ,trying to cover as much as possible but it was not much!She made me face her friends as my hands were covering my pussy! She gave me a couple of slaps on the front of each thigh, then ! I turned and bent down ,my bottom bare for the cane ! I bent right over raching for my toes! The first stroke fell sharply across both my bum cheeks andi gasped but it was soon followedby another 10 stinging, burning strokes,on my buttocks and my thighs ! I then went into the corne for 20 minutes whilst the all examined my bottom with its covering of raised red weals !The felt them ,their hands tracing the weals over my bare bum ! Jayne

  3. hello, I have an unusual job.a social Secretary to a Lady Banker, who works in the 'City' and from home! I look after but not teach, her yougest girl , Janice,18 ,and do her cooking, taking her to her Private day School and a host of other things! I was expected to cane and spank her when justified which is quite often! Last week she failed to do some of her homework, which I usually check so I was in trouble as well as Janice! I'm 25 and had a 'difficult' interview with her Mum , and apologised but she said as I was going to cane ,Janice she felt I should also feel the sting of the cane! She did not need to add 'or else'! I desrved it and it was an extremely very well paid job! my caning was set for the Saturday Jan would get it on the Friday when she had no lessons! I called Jan itto her school room and slipped her PJ trousers off and saw her front which she shaves ! She went over my knees ,without being told, for her warm up spanking then I made her ly over the table! I gave her a long slow caning of 12 stinging strokes of the long rattan cane making her cry out loudly from the pain of the strokes ,leaving her bum and thighs covered in red weals! her eyes full of tears which ran down her face as she sobbed ! Next day was my turn! Miss B.

  4. hello. I'm Betty abd today was my turn to be caned- by Jan's Mum ! I checked her bottom whilst she was in her bath that morning with Janices' Mum also there! We saw Jans' bare bum covered in fading cane marks and her Mum teased her about her pussy being seen by us as well as her bottom! I followed her Mum down to the school room and I had to undress in front of her ,includig taking my panties off which and she then really enjoyed seeing my pussy as I stood before her for a lecture with slaps om my bum and thighs which she also enjoyed giving me! I had to bend over a chair, hands on the seat! She told me iwas to have 12 strokes and to stay down or she would give me more! But first I had to go over her knees ,like a child ,for good spankig by hand an by slipper! I did cry out when she gave me the slipper and I could feel the hot stinging pain in my bottom and thighs ! I then had a brief respite ,being lectured again as she selected a cane from the several hanging on the wallrack .I had to bend over the chair, my well rounded bare bum in an excellent position for the caning !It di hurt froem th first stroke and the pain and stinguing increased as she continued slowly applying the cane tomy poor red wealed buttocks and finihed with two fast hard cuts which made me cry out very loudly and brought tears to my eyes !I fought hard not to cry and wiped away my tears, but she insisted on 15 minutes corner time! I was allowed to rub and try to soothe my bum and thighs ! I looked at her and I went to my room wit acouple of slaps on my bum! She was very pleased with the way I had taken my punishment! She even gave me a hug! I thanked her for punishing me and apologised again !

  5. Hello, I was sutprised to be told by Mrs.Johnson that Janice had been rude to her and I was to give her a sound caning ! Poor Janice , in trouble again! I tolk her to have a shower and to ccme downstairs to the school room! She was looking very unhappy as she came in blushing and unhappy! I selected a long rattan cane and I quickly took her shorts and panties off !I lookes at heer pussy as I did so and poor girl was aleeady showing signs of crying as the tears well up in her eyes! I put her over my knees, checking her cleft was clean, then I started to spank her by hand! I smacked her bottom first, then included her thighs in the spanking , which always made her react and complain and pleaes no on my thighs was her cry !I soon changed to usuing the slipper , as my hand was hurting ! THere were already tears but I still had to cane her ! I ordered her to bend over the chair , and I looked at her rosy bum ,which was clearly hurting her as she tried to rub her stinging bum cheeks ! I swished the cane up and down whilst she bent right down, over the chair! The first cut ade her cryout and then after another 3 stingers the sobbing mstarted and tears flowed! Igave her anther 4 cuts and told her it was all over! I was surprised when she came to me and I gave he a hug, as she said she was so sorry ! I sat her on my lap and she winced but stayed as I gave her more hugs and she hugged me back! She moved little and I was able to rub her well wealed red stripped bottom for her ! Miss B.


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